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The Healing Handpan Alliance is a group of handpan artists who come together with the common intention of helping to make the world a better place by creating free handpan music for relaxation, reflection, and inward journey. We manifest this reality through our intentions which are to:

Create free albums of healing handpan music featuring artists from around the world.

Collaborate with other players, musicians, artists, and members of the handpan community for a good cause.

Encourage participants to volunteer to play at health and wellness facilities. 

Donate all proceeds from any fundraising events to health / wellness charities.








*Note: The term "handpan" refers to the group of musical instruments which includes the hang, and is also known as "pantam" or "cupola." 

*We do not claim that any music or musical instrument can treat or cure any illness or disease. Rather, we utilize our intention to create music that holds space for reflection, emotional or spiritual healing, growth, realization, and transformation within the listener should they share this intention and resonate with the sound.