Time for another album! 

Our last album has had over 1000 downloads, and over 12,800 plays in a year. We gave away a handpan, and we raised $5000 for charity to help mothers and children avoid illness and death around the world. Together our tiny ripples of sound have had a huge impact. 

This year's album will focus the spotlight on collaboration. 

To join this project:

  1. Read the new Song Submission Guidelines. Tracks with one or more artists are preferred. 
  2. Record your track(s) with studio-quality microphones, or similar quality equipment from home.
  3. Submit your unmastered song for the album via email, dropbox, google doc, etc. (healinghandpan [at] gmail.com)
  4. (Optional) Join the Facebook Group.  We love to hear your music or see your music videos there!

+ Track submission deadline: October 31, 2018 +