Last year many people who joined this project reported that agreeing to make a track for the album pushed them in new and challenging ways. Some people invested in recording equipment. Some recorded for themselves for the first time. Some volunteered their time to play at health and wellness facilities. Some people even created their first "composition" for the occasion. All of us put ourselves out there to be heard and offer our music as a gift to the world and much growth has come from it. 

This year we are taking collaboration to the next level and pushing past boundaries once again. Intentional collaboration will present new social, logistical, and musical challenges and surprises. 

Participants in this year's album of healing handpan music are highly encouraged to collaborate with one or more artist for their tracks. Collaboration could mean:

  • Working with local specific musicians to compose or record a track together or separately.
  • Working with remote specific musicians around the world to create a track separately.
  • Sharing tracks partial or unfinished recordings with the group, as well as borrowing audio samples and tracks from the group to use in your own work.

Everyone is also welcome and encouraged to upload any handpan audio they'd like to share for collaboration to our Dropbox folder for others to download, extend, overdub, or remix . This includes incomplete songs, grooves, phrases, melodies, or simply one-off notes to be sampled, looped, and remixed.  

Email me to access the shared collaboration dropbox folder if you would like to view or upload tracks there.