Song Submission Guidelines

Artists are encouraged to collaborate with one or more artists on their tracks. 

  • Track Length:  3-5 minutes in length and performed with gratitude, peace, and healing intentions.
    Consider what you would play to your mother on her deathbed. 
  • You may submit one or more tracks, but submitting tracks does not guarantee they will be on the album. 
  • The handpan should be the main voice. It can have multiple layers, and other instruments  are welcome, but they should accompany and support the handpan. 
  • You can mix your tracks as you see fit with total artistic control. Post production mixing is also available if needed. 
  • Mastered tracks are welcome, but not necessary. Once all the tracks are submitted, they will all be mastered together for consistency throughout the album as a whole. Please note if your track has already been mastered. 
  • For more details about the "type" of music, see Considerations for Healing Music or check out the album from last year: "Inward Journey."
  • Email healinghandpan [at] when your tracks are ready. If it can fit in an email it can be attached there, otherwise it can be submitted through google drive, dropbox, or a file transfer site.

Minimum Recording Requirements

  • Tracks should not contain any clipping. This is caused by your levels being too high, or microphones being too close. 
  • Tracks should not be compressed. A slight amount of compression may be added post-production to bring the sound "closer" to the ear. However, too much compression will remove the transient in the attack and decay and crush many of the instrument's lovely overtones and harmonics. 
  • Tracks should contain headroom. A softer, more even recording will sound better than a louder recording with large spikes in the sound. 

Click here for more details on mixing.

  • Tracks should contain very little to no ambient background noise (white noise). If you don't have access to a studio, you can use an Shure SM 57 microphones, a Zoom handheld recorder, or equivalent quality and find the most sound-proof space you can. 
  • Please submit songs in 44,100 Hz, 24 bit .wav format only. 

+ Track submission deadline: October 31, 2018 +